The Fabric Way

The Fabrics Way represents the approach we take to migrate our customers from their legacy bound infrastructure to a modern and complete one. Customers have been “upgrading” and “renovating” their infrastructures for the last decade. Moves to virtualization and other modern technologies have somehow helped but have not allowed our customers the ability to have complete and modern up-to-date IT infrastructures. 
 This is partly due to four major factors; 
The inability to implement a modern technology such as software defined networking or storage due to the disruptive nature of the technology. 
A large investment in existing technologies which cannot easily be severed. 
No time for your IT team to explore, implement and migrate to these technologies in a reasonably non-disruptive and quick way. 
The ability to aggregate future capital and operational spending and to leverage these amounts into a single purchase instead of incrementally over time. 
Our approach is to promote and facilitate a customer migration to a new, modern and complete IT infrastructure. 
 We take the customer through a series of architecture iterations. 
Through these iteration, we design a new IT infrastructure, develop the necessary design, assist our customers in its build out in parallel to their existing infrastructure and finance the whole thing to allow the new infrastructure to be migrated to in a non-disruptive and quick way.

We bring a variety of discounts to bear on this new infrastructure such as; the complete buy-back of the existing and legacy IT infrastructure and a series of vendor and Fabrics4Clouds supported trade-in discounts. 
 Included in the Fabrics Way is our granted services. 
These are broken down into Granted Implementation Services and Granted On-Going Services. For up to the first six months after we sign a Fabrics4Clouds agreement, we provide a substantial granted staff extension designed to assist in the implementation, documentation, testing, knowledge transfer and migration from the existing legacy IT infrastructure to the newly designed one. 
After the implementation phase, we provide an on-going granted staff extension that lasts the term of our agreements which are usually 5 years. 
All this allows us to provide our customers with the lowest effective price of any infrastructure upgrade possible while delivering to our customers a complete, modern and competitive IT infrastructure for the next 5 years. 
All this is made possible by our 100% financing of the proposed solution. 
This is the Fabrics Way.